Waging peace through sustainable
economic development

The Peace Department is a new kind of non-profit, designed to solve global coordination failures to make philanthropy and impact investing effective and scalable. We are revolutionizing how sustainable development is done–applying the level of resources, strategy and coordination typically deployed for war to securing peace and prosperity for all. Pulling from deep networks across the realms of business, impact investment, public policy, science, faith, and philanthropy, we set out to pursue the art of the possible, using systems thinking and comprehensive design expertise to unite powerful actors behind shared works to build a sustainable and omniconsiderate future that benefits all of humanity.


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The Strategy

We are here to correct these shortfalls by engineering development strategies that fill gaps, anticipate risks, and galvanize collaboration. Our network of key stakeholders across all sectors ensures we deploy resources and technologies in the most informed, streamlined, and coordinated fashion, thereby eliminating inefficiencies and competition while meeting the maximum number of sustainable development goals (SDGs) in every program we design.

We synchronize Intelligence, Intervention, Innovation, and Investment to propel self-reinforcing economic development—and ultimately peace— in emerging economies around the world.

Our Value Proposition

Social impact investors want SDG-promoting innovations they can get behind more than ever before, but navigating the marketplace of solutions and figuring out how and where to deploy them are daunting tasks. This leaves most investors stuck in a space of wanting to do good while making money, but not knowing how. The Peace Department solves this dilemma by designing programs that link into global markets, fix inefficiencies, increase productivity, and offer investors rates and returns comparable to those they would receive with large financial institutions and established technologies.

For each distinct project we design, we bring our full armory of resources to bear— deep country expertise, diplomacy, cutting-edge innovations, strategic philanthropy, and investment. Working with world leaders, intergovernmental bodies, institutional investors, content experts, humanitarians, technologists, faith leaders, and–most importantly–the communities themselves, we will custom-build comprehensive strategies that not only improve quality of life and human security but link up to global markets and reap dividends in an unparalleled way.